Psychometric Assessments

I can offer world class Psychometric tools to help develop understanding, identify action plans, and grow your skills.

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Leadership Development

Being a highly skilled Leadership Development Trainer and Coach I can work with you to identify your key development areas, and devise a program tailored to support your growth.

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Behavioural Skills

With over 20 years experience of delivering Behavioural skills training I can support you in developing those key life skills required to succeed in the modern world.

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HR Skills

As an experienced HR Professional I have conducted a range of HR interventions, including Assessment/Development Centres, & Interview skills.

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Why Me

I genuinely care about people and I use this to work with you to identify and create a tailored solution for your needs, rather than using ‘off the shelf’ solutions.  This enables me to develop skills in you that are transferable for you into everyday life (both social and business).

With a wide range of experience of dealing with people from all walks of life and all levels in their life (from teenagers, through graduates, to CEO’s), and from many sectors, I am suitably qualified to understand your needs.  I have also worked around the world with individuals and companies enabling me to better understand cultural preferences.


Next Steps…

Contact me today to see how I can help you grow and realise you potential, or that of your team.

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